Honda CBX1000 Custom

Gotta pay those due’s so let’s quickly do the marketing stuff. We have a reduced labour rate special running for the month of September, R350/h on all service specific work, check out our service system page for details and bookings.

And now for the beef. She’s the 2nd Honda CBX1000 to take the Saturday Scorcher photo prize and quite the surprise it would have been for owner Dave Wigston since he was actually on his first visit to the shop to meet up with fellow CBX owners group member and retired photographer, Peter Thompson. Peter owns (after much cajoling) one of two CBX’s on the island of Hawaii and is on a tour of South Africa, although he wisely chose a BMW GS for the trip.

There’s isn’t much to say about CBX which hasn’t already been said by every gushing moto journalist since 1979, so this is for the ducklings… they’re 6 cylinders, 16 valves, and 105 horses… of legend.

This bike though is a far cry from the standard issue and it’s pleasing to see the lines once again blurred between the traditional and alternative moto scene.  Muscle bike?… cafe racer? I’ll let you decide.