Harley-Davidson XLCH Chopper

It’s too often we consider things that are new and sparkling as superior and more desirable. Authenticity can’t be faked. It can be appropriated, even borrowed, but the missing component will always be time, and it’s in that spirit that we chose our latest Saturday Scorcher.

Theo joined us a few weekends ago from a little place along the coast called Onrus (perhaps fittingly it translates to ‘Restless’) on his ’74 Harley-Davidson XLCH chopper which in itself must have taken some doing considering the hardtail configuration and we’re certainly glad he made the effort. The bike is festooned with custom additions added over many years of ownership and make no mistake, both it and Theo are as authentic as it gets.

Fake plate? Hell no hoss. The bike was originally a native of Denver Colorado and even then she was no spring chicken although most of the details have been added through time, necessity, and the occasional stroke of good luck or spark of brilliance.

Take the seat for instance, rough & ready sure but more than that, well… straight from the horse’s mouth… –  i was on a construction job when i sat on a shovel for a break and thought… huh, this is pretty comfortable..

Not to say that this gal is all about luxury. On the technical side this classic XLCH chop lives up to it’s unofficial moniker ‘Competition Hot’ with the addition of an uprated coil ignition and generator from Cycle Electric USA. The 1000cc Ironhead was never a slouch. With the larger engine displacement on this model the new bikes had a top speed of over 110mph and a quarter mile time in the mid thirteens in stock form… but what about now? Well as the saying goes… ‘Ironhead Sportsters tend to go faster the longer you own them.’