Retro Prestige Motorcycle: Must-haves for motorcycle riders

Retro Prestige Motorcycle: Must-haves for motorcycle riders

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most convenient ways of getting to your destination. However, riders should keep in mind that it’s also highly dangerous. When you’re riding this vehicle, your whole body is prone to get damaged if an accident happens. 

The best thing that you can do is to protect yourself and lessen the impact of the damage. Here at Retro Prestige Motorcycle, we want riders around the world to be at their safest state whenever they’re taking their bikes out for a ride.

To make sure that you’re always safe and protected, we would recommend not leaving your house without having these must-have accessories:


Your helmet is probably the most important thing that you should wear whenever you ride your motorcycle. Although a helmet won’t prevent you from getting into an accident, it will greatly lessen the impact that a crash may do on your head.

We would also recommend getting a helmet that will fully cover your face too and not just the top of your head. A severe and devastating crash can cause damage to every corner of your face so it’s important to cover it as much as possible.

Studies have shown that motorcycles get into accidents more often than cars. Various research has also proven that helmets effectively prevent death and reduces the risk of any form of head injury.

Getting hit in the head hard can easily cause a concussion and some are more severe than others. Don’t wait for that to happen, always bring a helmet with you on your ride.


This accessory is optional and it’s only needed when the helmet itself isn’t equipped with a visor. Wearing goggles or any kind of eye protection is important when riding a motorcycle. You have to remember that these bikes run at high speeds and leaving your eye unprotected makes it prone to various elements.

Tiny rocks or specks of dirt can easily get in your eyes as you ride your bike at a high or even moderate speed. This can cause a distraction which can ultimately lead to a horrific accident. You can easily prevent this from happening by wearing a pair of goggles.

This eyewear will also protect you from extreme weather. It can prevent rain, snow or leaves from getting in your eyes or inside your helmet.

Jacket and gloves

As we have already established earlier, riding a motorcycle leaves your entire body prone to different elements on the road, one of which is the temperature. Driving at moderate to full speeds will have you facing strong winds that will instantly freeze your body.

Aside from protecting you from extreme weather conditions, wearing a jacket can also reduce the damage of any accidents that may occur while you’re riding your bike. 

As for the gloves, your hands need as much protection as your whole body. You would also want to get a pair that is comfortable and weather-resistant as well.