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Youngman CBX750 Tracker

By May 18, 2016Cafe Racer

Fun and excitement,the tracker recipe.

Mr.Youngman approached us with a simple brief, some photographs and a Honda CBX750F donor motorcycle. Much of the original stock is still present and accounted for although significant changes have been made to the sub-frame and swing-arm. The original plan entailed using the stock tank running into a flat or slightly pitched backbone but this turned in to a design dead-end with the scalloped lower edges of the CBX tank causing havoc with the lines. A CB900F tank was then sourced and incorporated in to the redesign which also necessitated  changes to the modified sub-frame.

Honda CBX750 Tracker a

The single shock swing-arm conversion also represents a fair bite of the work gone into the Youngman CBX750 tracker,complete with Ohlins suspension unit for the very best in ride and appearance but nothing comes close to the showstopping hand made stainless-steel header pipes flowing into the cone mufflers on either side of the old school rear tire profile.


More stainless-steel was employed under the seat,attractively relocating the electrics and a new lithium cell for power.The billet CBX foot-peg hangers were also retained but shortened for better proportion with the added benefit of quite a bit of weight saved.


In the cockpit the view is transformed with gleaming billet risers mounted to the modified top triple-clamp, custom billet lock nut, an Acewell all-in-one speedo unit, and cheeky lime coloured Biltwell grips for feel.

_Honda CBX750 Tracker c

At the front, the standard running gear was retained and over-hauled while the front fender was bobbed and a grilled headlight mounted to light the way.

Cape Town is UJM country,where the big four roam free although there’s nothing universal about our latest build,and judging by the looks garnered on the way to the shoot,Mr. Youngman will have more than just Honda’s legendary reliability to grin about.