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Yamaha XT500 Custom

Parked among our usual bevvy of glistening beauties this little lady certainly wasn’t hard to spot. Who really cares about perfectly manicured whats-it’s anyway. Chase’s XT500 custom tracker is a wonderful exercise in what’s possible when you have a good base to start with, a little creativity, and a friend who’s good with his hands.


All the tenets of the new school are here. A sorted base and secondary line, cleaned up electronics, an uncomfortable leather seat and, for the old school, a dash of ‘that’ll do’.


But the focal point here is of course the uniquely creative mudguards fabricated with steel dowl rods and bamboo, neatly threaded with with nylon and imbuing a distinctly Polynesian character.


The idea, according to Chase was inspired by the wooden fenders on vintage bicycles. So far the entire project has around 250 hours in it with more to come although my advice is to find a white sandy beach lined with palm trees and a good shore break, strap a surf board to this baby and ride at dawn.


Check out our event this weekend. Boeries, bikes and beer brunch on Saturday morning with live entertainment provided, compliments of our neighbours at Green Machine.