Entrust your motorcycle to us for a complimentary overall assessment, our technician will provide a detailed report and recommend solutions that will care for the quality and enhance the performance and safety of your motorcycle.


Service System.

Air Filter Service
Alternator Charge Rate
Auto Lube 2-strokes only – Top Up Tank
Battery Lube Terminals
Brakes Check Condition of Brake Discs and Pads. Adjust, Top Up Brake Fluid
Cables Check Routing and Operation
Cam Chain Adjust if necessary
Carburetor Adjust and synchronize
Clutch Check and Adjust if necessary
Compression Test Remove plug, comp test
Drive Belt Service variable drive, Inspect belt and rollers (Scooter)
Drive Chain Adjust and Lubricate (Motorcycle)
Electrics Check Operation of all electrical systems
Engine Oil Replace
Exhaust System Check for Leaks and Cracks
Gearbox, Middle gear, differential Drain and refill – check levels
Grease points Lubricate
Nuts and Bolts Check all nuts and bolts
Radiator Check coolant and top up
Spark Plugs Replace
Steering Rebuild and set, Check Steering Head adjustment
Suspension Check and Adjust where necessary
Swing Arm Lube, Check play
Throttle Check Cable adjustment
Tyres Inflate to correct pressure, check thread depth
Valves Check and reset valve clearance (Scooter)
Wheels Check run-out and alignment, adjust where necessary,
Wheel Bearings Check wheel bearings and balance
Road Test Full road test and report on service

Workshop Rates

Hourly labour rate:



Fitment Rates:



Standard Service Pricing structure as follows.

Bikes 250cc and under.

R890 – R1090


Over 250cc – Superbikes.

R1350 – R1900 excluding filters and iridium plugs.


Please note that the pricing may vary, depending on the specific parts or labour required.

Service Booking