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Honda Steed Bobber

By August 1, 2017Cafe Racer, Uncategorized

James had a strong vision and the will to follow through. So much so he rode this hard tailed Honda Steed all the way from the high-veld as a precursor to designing a motorcycle just for him. It couldn’t have been comfortable but then most rewarding things often require a little sacrifice… or a lot in this case as the seat was little more than leather covered wood.

Honda Steed Custom (a)With such a sweet running motor there was little to do mechanically. The real work was in executing the unique styling touches James had in mind and over the course of the build ideas and concepts were exchanged with vigor which carried the evolution of the project.

Honda Steed Custom (b)One notable request was for the addition of springer or springer styled forks. Building or sourcing a set would have pushed the timeline back too far so a very nifty solution was found by the simple addition of dummy springs, powder coated and added between the triple clamps, also with a new coat of powder. – All the looks, none of the vintage handling.

Also up front the original light was swapped for one our stock units in yellow, mounted to a custom made bracket to help clear the clutter at the head.

Honda Steed Custom (c)Next up that rock hard seat needed remedying. The new unit is entirely hand made in stitched leather by our craftsman, it retains the original shape though it’s gained some depth and under-seat springs which will make riding this hard-tail around the Wine-lands fun again.
Honda Steed Custom (d)
But the focal point of this Honda Steed Custom is surely the one-off dummy oil reservoir which hides the battery and all the relocated electrics & ignition, adorned with a palette splashing hand-painted Japanese Kabuki mask. And for the final touches, a set of ape-hangers for the outlaw look and white fiber exhaust wrap for pop.

Honda Steed Custom (e)The overall effect is a stylized machine which would look right at home on screen….Grand Theft Auto, the movie?

Honda Steed Custom (g)